Dog Fence Systems

Our dog fence systems include everything you need to install your own dog fence at home. You may extend your system with additional receiver-collars, accessories and replacement batteries.

The Products

Comfort Contact® Fencing

Comfort Contact® Fencing

The Perimeter® Technologies team has been keeping dogs safer for longer than anyone. They are some of the original founders of the Invisible Fence® brand in 1976. The most experienced engineering team in the industry has introduced the most significant innovation in do-it-yourself dog fence kits since 2003. Trust your dog’s safety to the founders of the industry. The PCC-200 Premium Dog Fence kit provides professional grade design features into an easy to install complete dog fence kit. Everything required for installation is included. Learn More

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Invisible Fence® Compatible

Perimeter Technologies is the only company offering a fully compatible range of products as replacement for OEM Invisible Fence® brand products. This range includes replacement collar receivers for both 7K and 10K frequencies as well as replacement batteries for R21, R22, R51 and MicroLite® receivers. Why not have a product better than the original for less!

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