During the ‘70s and ‘80s, electronic dog fencing was controlled by one company until their patent expired in 1989 when the door was flung open for competitors. Most of these new companies copiedexisting technology, but two entrepreneurs named Bob Slattery and Bob Wolfe, the founders of ReachUSA® and ValPak of Cincinnati®, saw a genuine opportunity to make something better, an entirely different kind of pet fencing product. These two men contacted the largest radar detection company in America. Together, they engineered a dog fence that incorporated a variety of dynamic new features. Their methodology was simple. They took a fresh approach to pet containment, and the result was a state-of-the-art system.

In 2001 Perimeter Technologies was joined by John Purtell, perhaps the most accomplished executive in the business. John founded the Invisible Fence® Company in 1976, managing its dynamic growth throughout the '70s and '80s from a start-up into the largest pet containment organization in the industry.The Pet Stop® brand pet containment system is professionally installed and serviced across the United States and Canada via a network of 185, and growing, dedicated Dealers.

The 2006 Radio Systems acquisition of INNOTEK® and Invisible Fence®. created yet another new opportunity for Perimeter, a new do-it-yourself dog fencing system to give consumers choices at retail; enter Perimeter™ brand, the worlds most advanced DIY, American designed and manufactured pet containment system. Perimeter Technologies with our Pet stop® and Perimeter™ brand offering is committed to providing consumers with safer designs providing greater peace of mind. Why settle for anything less?